You can simply book online or download the app from Google play or App store. Then provide your vehicle location, pick the service you need, choose as one time or monthly plan, pick the time and date and then set and relax

Yes, you can cancel anytime you like, no commitment and no cancelation fees

Our field washer will search for the vehicle around the same area you picked, if it is not available, we will come some other time or next day. If not available, we will contact you to schedule another time and date

We take vehicle washing and caring very seriously, you can contact our customer support at and we will provide you free wash to make sure you are fully satisfied

The field washers will come to the area during the week and will make sure to clean the vehicle as per planned

Yes, you can wash it once anytime you prefer, or you can subscribe to our monthly plan

Yes, you can do that by booking twice as per your convenient. The monthly model will only be available for 4 times and more

Any accessible location, where our field washer can easily see it and being able to clean it without any disturb

No fees for cancelation, we are totally fixable

Using our website for booking or our app, you can upload photos of your vehicle as evidence and our field workers will take photos before and after cleaning to confirm the vehicle was cleaned in proper way without any damage or scratches. If any problem in the vehicle, CEER will compensate the damage as per our terms and conditions